Gaymon XEdit

Health: 2000000Edit

RobloxScreenShot03122014 211226037

Moves: Mating with menEdit

Description: Gaymon has been re-colored very dark brown with very big penis...Edit


(Rookie)Gaymon Lv.5 Moves: Anal (Damage: 500), Girly Voice (Damage: 90)

(Champion)MaDickFellOffmon Lv.20 Moves: Depression (Does nothing to opponents, instead, it kills the user)

(Ultimate)Niggadramon Lv.5MILLION (His dick has returned) Moves: Thief (Steals every item from the opponent and kills them), Niggadramon lives matter (Summons a mob of Niggadramons and kills every opponent in the server that isn't a Niggadramon),

(Mega)PoopamonRex Lv.1 Moves: Toxic Gas (Releases a toxic gas that everybody in the server can smell and it kills them.), Diarrhea (Poops everywhere on the ground, players besides the user that get caught in the poop have their movement speed decreased by 50%)