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Chessmon resembles a soldier that wields a spear and a shield. It also has a "BlackPawnChessmon" variant.


Pawn Buckler- Does Around 30 damage

Pawn Spear- Does 40 Damage

Pawn Lightning- Does 35 Damage (Or about that much)

RobloxScreenShot03112014 121452932

White knight and is very tall, also he has a spear that he can shoot in combat.


KnightLancer - Does 50 Damage (Melee)

GallopeWhole - Does 65 Damage (Melee)

BigDart - Does 70 Damage (Range)

BishopChessmon (White) Edit

White bishop, blue cloth and cape. Has a staff that can shoot beams in combat. Also digivolves into KingChessmon.

Moves Edit

Bishop Laser

Bishop cross

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