Digimon Aurity - How to get Sunmon02:31

Digimon Aurity - How to get Sunmon

Video on how to get Sunmon the hard way.

RobloxScreenShot02242013 105227609

A picture of Sunmon with the mountain you get him from

Sunmon is a digimon which you can get from the obstacle cave in the desert in Digimon Aurity

How to get SunmonEdit

In the desert there is a tall cave with spike-like rock branching out of it near the sand village, at a certain time it will open leading into the inside of the mountain, 

Digimon Aurity - How to get sunmon (EASIEST WAY, 2 JUMPS, 10 SECONDS)01:44

Digimon Aurity - How to get sunmon (EASIEST WAY, 2 JUMPS, 10 SECONDS)

How to get sunmon in 2 jumps, about 10 seconds with my explaining.

inside there is an obstacle of jumping on blocks on the wall, once you get to the top sunmon will be there. The mountain also contains some cash inside and right outside of it.


There are no evolutions right now.

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