Punimon(a.k.a garbage) Edit

Level: 1 to 9

Health: around 100-300 (Depends on level, sometimes up to 500)

Evolves into: Tsunomon

Moves Edit

Bubble Blow - Blows bubbles, 20 Damage.

Tsunomon Edit

Level:10 to 19


Evolves into: Gabumon

Moves Edit

Bubble blow

Gabumon Edit

Level: 20 to 34

Health: 485

Evolves to: Garurumon

Moves Edit

Bubble blow, blue blaster, horn attack

Garurumon Edit

Level: 35 to 64

Health: 660

Evolves into: WereGarurumon

Moves Edit

Bubble blow, blue blaster, howling blaster, ice bite(melee)

WereGarurumon Edit

Level: 65 to 134

Health: 785

Evolves into: MetalGarurumon

Moves Edit

Bubble blow, blue blaster, howling blaster, ice bite(ranged), garurukick, wolfclaw

MetalGarurumon Edit

please update this part and ZeedGarurumon as i have not unlocked them yet. Update the attack damage of the moves and add pictures please.

ZeedGarurumon TOO LAZY to make this sorry. Well you need an item call Zeed Cannon

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