This is a list of all the Event Digimon posted so far.

Blue Tentomon - This digimon is obtainable by joining the Digimon Aurity group.

Numemon-This digimon was realesed in the mega update by killing someone as numemon or by killing the chaosetemon raid boss which is FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!

Chickennuggetmon - This digimon was obtainable by buying it from a RookChessmon inside of the level 120+ area for 3,000 coins.

Jyarimon - This digimon is an old event. It was obtainable by killing someone who was a Guilmon. When they die, they had a 1/10 chance to drop the Egg, which means that whoever collected it could become Jyarimon through the Events Tab.

Raidramon - This digimon is an old event.

Bakomon- This was an event that ended last year.

Diamond Botamon - Confirmed by Squirtleteer1, it has been deleted out of the game, it is no longer useable, or aquireable and the old way to get one was to be in a rookie tournament that was hosted by a Mod.R.I.P DBota.

Pumpkinmon- This digimon was a halloween event, it is currently available for 750 pumpkins.

Findable DigimonEdit

There are also digimon who aren't events and can be found. Here they are.

Sunmon - This digimon is found in the large mountaintop in the desert. After climbing some time, you will find it. In the mega update drops from sunmon in the dessert

PawnChessmon White & Black - These digimon are aquired in the same way, using a payment of 10 Black gears. Find the level machine in the city, which is near the mouse spawn point/statue, Then go into the shop and you will find them both. MetalKoromon can also be found in this shop for 225 cash. in the mega update you have to kill it in deadwood castle

Pabumon - This digimon is found in the Jungle, on a tree next to a nest on the large group of trees. in the mega update kill the boss in the grass area

Pichimon - ThisDigimon is found in the Ice Cavern, trapped inside the ice blocks. You must use fire-based attacks to melt the ice. in the mega update you have to kill it in the ice castle

Dodomon - This digimon can be aquired out in the open in the Forest. It is in front of the Waterfall.

Mokumon - This digimon can be found floating somewhere in the temple.

MetalKoromon - This digimon can be obtained by paying the Hagururumon in the Lab 225 Cash.

Frigimon - You can buy this digimon with 1000 Ice Shards in the Ice Palace. You can buy it from the Frigimon Vendorthere.

ToyAgumon - This one is a bit hard to find as it's very small. It is a small Agumon made out of lego bricks in the City, next to a tree.

Bokomon- A 5% percent to get him, Hunt in palmon eggs in order to find him. Hes no longer available in the mega update

Palmon- Inside palmon eggs, Keep planting until you get a green sparkling plant. If its sparkling green, you will find bokomon OR this guy :) in the mega update kill him in the grass area

-I have just updated this information just a little bit better. :) -Mewishm8x This is a list of all the Event Digimon posted so far.

-I just unedited all of the trolling on the page :D -WhiteTalon3 Not all heroes wear capes.

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