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Welcome to the Digimon Aurity Wiki, here we discuss things about Digimon Aurity!  We hope this wiki will help you a lot!  Digimon Aurity is a Digimon game based on the Digimon T.V. show series. It is a well scripted game made by Digitalboy96. As long as you don't mess anything up and use good grammar, feel free to contribute and comment.

If you haven't played Digimon Aurity yet here is the link: 

Digimon Aurity

If you want to join the group here is the link: Digimon Group

For more information on digimon in general outside this game, visit the Digimon Wiki

Some of the digimon in digimon aurity

Digimon Aurity - Megadramon, a Free Game by DigitalBoy96 - ROBLOX (updated 2014)

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When you start the game,you have 7 digimon:Botamon,Zerimon,Poyomon,Chibomon,Conomon,Zurumon and Punimon. You need to click Choose a Digimon,and click on one digimon or in 'Tamer' and you will go to the desert or the forest (depending on the digimon) you can level up when you get a certain number of exp,you get exp killing bosses,player or with the time,5 exp per second.

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