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Digimon Aurity

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Starting Edit

When you start the game you will be in a green sci-fi type chamber where you can do many things like choose your Digimon, set your spawn and purchase gamepasses. You start with 4 Digimon, Botamon, Punimon, Zerimon and Petitmon, however, you can earn more digimon as you progress through the game. You need to click choose a Digimon, and click on the portrait of the Digimon you want to be. Normally Botamon spawns at dessert and Punimon spawns in an ice cave but in the spawning chamber you can set your spawn for all your Digimon. To set your spawn find the side of the console with the set spawn screen and click on the spawn you wish to go to. All possible spawn points are unlocked from the start of the game. There is a piece of text which tells you where your spawn is set and if it changes to the spawn you selected then everything is A-OK. Then all you have to do is click in the Digimon you want to be and you will be at your desired spawn point.