Welcome to the Digimon Aurity Wiki! Here we discuss things about Digimon Aurity! We hope this Wiki will help you a lot! Digimon Aurity is a Digimon game based on the Digimon T.V. show series. It is a well scripted game made by Digitalboy96. As long as you don't mess anything up and use good grammar, you are welcome to contribute/comment :)

If you haven't played Digimon Aurity yet, here is the link for it: 

Digimon Aurity

If you want to join the group, here is the link: Digimon Group


When you start the game, you start with 7 digimons :Botamon, Zerimon, Poyomon, Chibomon, Conomon, Zurumon and Punimon. You need to click choose a Digimon, and click on one digimon or in 'Tamer' and you will go to the desert or the forest (depending on the digimon) you can level up when you get a certain number of exp. You get exp killing bosses, players or with the time 5 exp per second. You can also buy exp with the new gamepass.

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