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Welcome to the Digimon Aurity Wiki, here we discuss things about Digimon Aurity!  We hope this wiki will help you a lot!  Digimon Aurity is a Digimon game based on the Digimon T.V. show series. It is a well scripted game made by Digitalboy96. As long as you don't mess anything up and use good grammar, feel free to contribute and comment.

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Digimon Aurity

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For more information on digimon in general outside this game, visit the Digimon Wiki

Some of the digimon in digimon aurity

Digimon Aurity - Megadramon, a Free Game by DigitalBoy96 - ROBLOX (updated 2014)

  • NOTE* This wiki is EXTREMELY outdated. Filling out any missing information would be very much appreciated. ~Graystar11.


When you start the game,you have 7 digimon:Botamon,Zerimon,Poyomon,Chibomon,Conomon,Zurumon and Punimon. You need to click Choose a Digimon,and click on one digimon or in 'Tamer' and you will go to the desert or the forest (depending on the digimon) you can level up when you get a certain number of exp,you get exp killing bosses,player or with the time,5 exp per second.

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