Cherubimon is the boss of the Dark Fortress. Cherubimon starts out as it's Champion form, Wendigomon, and then digivolves into Antylamon and finally Cherubimon as you wear away at it's health, usually digivolving at below 50% health. Wendigomon has 8,000 health and uses a rapid-succession attack that hits multiple times and does 70 damage if all hits connect. After digivolving into Antylamon, it goes from 8,000 health to 10,000 health, and uses a spin-attack that does heavy damage if you are caught in it, but is relatively short-ranged. After digivolving into Cherubimon, it goes from 10,000 health to 15,000. Cherubimon has a diverse range of attacks that affect the battlefield. One attack raises dark pillars from the ground, and if you come in contact with them they deal medium damage. Another causes a storm with lightning bolts that deal medium damage. It's final attack shoots a bolt of lightning at you and does medium damage. Cherubimon drops Virus Chips, Red Cubes, Dark Spirals, and the egg that it comes from. The recommended level for Cherubimon is level 120 or above, as you need to be that level to enter the Throne Room itself.

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